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Chapter Two: Making the Choice for Peace of Mind

Whether starting a new business venture or expanding a business already decades into operation, there are always new challenges testing our capabilities. Understanding our inherent strengths, where we can work to improve our skillset, and when we need to ask for help from outside sources are all vital to the overall health of our businesses. Recognizing these different occasions can provide us some peace of mind, knowing we’re well-equipped to make the best decisions for our future success.

Although we have years of editorial and communications experience here at Noteworthy, establishing Noteworthy Communications as a limited liability company (LLC) was uncharted territory for us. That’s why opportunities for actively choosing peace of mind became integral landmarks on the road to successfully launching Noteworthy Communications LLC, and will continue to help keep Noteworthy thriving well into the future, even as new challenges arise.


Hiring an Expert

When Noteworthy made the leap to become a full-fledged communications agency, we knew there were aspects of that transition that, no matter how much we researched and planned, we would not be sure how to navigate on our own. We knew that for our business to get the best start possible, we had to look to those who had expertise that we did not. In this case, that expertise was in business law.

Making the choice to hire someone whose sole responsibility was to make sure our limited liability company was quickly and smoothly registered with the state and that we had all our legal records in order gave us the peace of mind we needed in order to move forward with our launch. We could relax knowing that this particularly complicated, and yet necessary, aspect of Noteworthy’s beginning was in expert hands.

We paid for peace of mind and, in return, we felt protected and secure. We made the decision to seek legal advice from a qualified source, which then allowed us some mental clarity to focus on other crucial steps in launching our business that were more compatible with our long-term goals and which we would certainly have occasion to utilize over and over again.


Becoming an Expert

Even though business law did not feel necessary to learn for ourselves in order for Noteworthy to become a success, it’s nearly impossible to start a project on this scale without acquiring some new knowledge or skillset. The key is recognizing what will be important to bring with you as your business develops. For us at Noteworthy, this new arena was web design.

We knew being able to design, build, and maintain our own website would be invaluable to us over years of operation. We did not want to have to rely on someone else to do this for us, so while our business attorney was working to get our limited liability company off the ground, we were researching which web hosting platform would best suit our needs and we took several days to teach ourselves how to build our website from scratch.

By choosing to become the experts ourselves, we still have that peace of mind of knowing that whenever we have an update to share with existing or potential clients or a layout change we want made to, we can handle this quickly and independently. Working hard to learn this new skill of web design did not only assist with our launch, but will continue to provide dividends for Noteworthy for years to come. This is a talent we hope to sustain well into the future.


Curating an Expert Team

By knowing which tasks should be delegated to outside vendors and which are an opportunity to develop additional talents, we can have the peace of mind that our business’s needs are always being met by an expert team. This expert team can then work with the singular goal of contributing to our business’s health and growth, each team member bringing their own valuable skill to the conversation.

The skill we at Noteworthy Communications bring to your team of experts is the conversation itself. With our background in a wide range of communications and editorial services, we make it our mission to create positive conversation around your success.

As previously discussed in Chapter One: The Value of Effective Communication, not everyone possesses this particular skillset, although its importance should never be underestimated. So often, a business owner is too busy actually managing the business to think about social media content, fresh website or newsletter material, or even press outreach celebrating the very achievements they’ve worked so hard to realize.

Trusting someone to be a part of your expert team is not a small gesture. At Noteworthy Communications, we understand that it is our responsibility to provide that same peace of mind for our clients that others provided for us in different aspects of building our own business. New opportunities for learning will always present themselves, but recognizing when it’s time to bring a new expert to the team is a skill in and of itself for any entrepreneur.


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