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Mission Statement

At Noteworthy Communications, our mission is to create conversation around the success of others. We work with the businesses that make our communities what they are to elevate their noteworthy stories and share their unique contributions with the world.

About You

No one starts a business because they want to promote the business. They want to focus on the work itself, which is why so many leaders allow their marketing to fall by the wayside.

You know you should be posting on social media, but with what time? You know your website is out of date, but what more is there to say? You know your last blog post is dated more than a year ago, but you struggle to find the right words.

Noteworthy clients know they don't have the time, ability, or desire to focus on marketing their business, even though they know it's important for their success. A partnership with Noteworthy means you're ready to take that off your plate and see your company benefit.

About Noteworthy

The way we see it: It’s your job to run your business. It’s our job to get people talking about your business.

Noteworthy Communications was born out of a desire to help local entrepreneurs utilize every tool at their disposal to best tell their noteworthy stories. We bring years of experience in the editorial, fundraising, and communications fields working with businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations, and public figures.

Noteworthy offers personal service curated to best fit whatever your business’s needs may be, whether that’s copyediting internal documents or creating a social media plan to expand your outreach, we are here to create positive conversation specific to your goals and achievements.

About the Founder

Amy Masgay is a writer and editor who launched
Noteworthy Communications in February 2021
after watching so many local businesses, non-profits, and community outlets struggle to keep up with their
customer communication during the pandemic.

She knew she could use her experience and creativity to help.

Amy received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University with a double minor in
Editing & Publishing and Theatre. Since then, she has worked in fundraising and communications in the non-profit sector and for community and state leaders. With her passion for literacy and accessible education, Amy is also proud to serve on the board of the Bucks County Free Library and as a freelance writer for various local outlets, focusing largely on the history and culture of the Bucks County region.

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